Theory-to-Practice Package (2 Revorials + Video Course)


Here are the products contained in the package:

Revoring Lite

Revoring Lite is the best choice for functional analytical exercises and stretching, postural training, myofascial pilates, rehab and physical therapy.

Revoring Medium

Revoring Medium is the most versatile one, perfect for anyone looking for the right balance between intense workouts and low-impact exercises. It is particularly appropriate for full body training and to perform functional movements.

Revoring in Action Video Course - Musical Fitness

Thanks to its versatility, Revoring® allows you to get a complete workout in just a few square metres. Yes, but how do you best use such a powerful tool? This course of two long videos will show you more than a dozen Revoring® exercises that can be combined, taking you from a beginner level up to a medium-high difficulty level.


Getting fit is now easy and possible thanks to the“Revoring: From Theory to Practice” package, which combines two Revoring® and a video course explaining how best to use this special tool.

This bundle contains 1 Revoring Lite, 1 Revoring Medium and The Revoring Functional Fitness Music Video.

This bundle is made especially for those of you who want to improve your fitness by learning how to use a multifunctional training tool like the Revoring® with gradual intensity.

Let’s take a closer look at what the package consists of:

  • 1 Revoring Lite: the best choice for functional-analytical training, stretching and postural; myofascial pilates and physiotherapeutic or rehabilitative work. Revoring® is equipped with 14 elastic rings covered in robust cordura and comfortable rubber handles to grip each ring.
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  • 1 Revoring Medium: This is the perfect choice for those looking for the right compromise between intense and basic training work. This Revoring® comes with 14 elastic rings covered in robust cordura and comfortable rubber grips on each ring.
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  • “Revoring Functional Fitness Music” video course: The Revoring Functional Fitness Music video course is a video format course taught by Revoring Academy Bianca Bercea, which allows you to learn how to train with Revoring by means of numerous dedicated exercises.
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The teachings of our Personal Trainer Bianca Bercea, combined with the Revoring® equipment, will ensure that you maximise every precious minute of your efforts, targeting the improvement of elasticity and muscle tone.