Revoring in Action Video Course – Musical Fitness


Thanks to its versatility, Revoring® allows you to get a complete workout in just a few square metres. Yes, but how do you best use such a powerful tool? This course of two long videos will show you more than a dozen Revoring® exercises that can be combined, taking you from a beginner level up to a medium-high difficulty level.


The Video course Revoring in Action is a video course taught by Revoring® Academy teacher Bianca Bercea that will enable you to learn the basics of Revoring training through a number of dedicated exercises.

They will take you by the hand, taking you, as already mentioned, from a beginner level up to a medium-high difficulty level, where there are special workouts called “Anchors”, which will develop endurance, flexibility, balance and toning according to your different needs.

With a practical approach, the course features two videos illustrating the exercises with commentary by Bianca Bercea, whose detailed instructions are such that you can do these workouts correctly and effectively on your own.

What are you waiting for: discover the full potential of this revolutionary tool. Don’t waste any more time: the workout of the future is called Revoring®!