Your gym in one tool!
A complete full-body workout at home, with the first elastic chain in the world.

Revolutionize your body with Revoring®Home

Revoring®Home: your home gym in one tool

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Train whenever and wherever you want

You can use Revoring® at home, simply anchoring it at the door handle. Otherwise, you can bring it with you on holiday, to the park or to the beach. It is really light to carry and easy to anchor and use. Get your dream body in an even easier way!

More effective than traditional exercises

Thanks to its 12 rings, Revoring® Home allows you to progressively increase the resistance: it will be like you were using weights. But there is an extra benefit: Revoring® allows you to perform more exercises than those you would do with dumbbells, bars or machines. Revoring is much more than a gym in just one single tool.

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You, in your best form ever

With Revoring® you can benefit from the advantages of resistance training, that is why it guarantees you extraordinary results in less time. Get your dream body now!

With Revoring® Home you will receive 4 training video tutorials.

Train with Revoring® whenever and wherever you want.
How can you do it? We have prepared 4 video tutorials for your workout:

  • Revoring Good Morning - La routine d’allenamento con Revoring Home perfetta per il tuo risveglio muscolare.
    Un quarto d’ora d’allenamento per affrontare al meglio le sfide della tua giornata.
  • Revoring Tone - La routine d’allenamento con Revoring Home per la tonificazione e rassodamento muscolare.
    L’allenamento da 30 minuti che comprende tutti i muscoli per uno sviluppo completo e tonico con revoring home.
  • Revoring Cardio - La routine d’allenamento con Revoring Home cardiovascolare, in cui l’apparato
    cardiorespiratorio è sottoposto a stimoli allenanti e performanti.
  • Revoring Good Evening - La routine d’allenamento con Revoring Home perfetta per il detensionamento muscolare.
    Un quarto d’ora d’allenamento per concludere al meglio la tua giornata, distendendo i muscoli e preparandosi a una nottata intensa e piacevole.

Revoring®Home Features


Extremely versatility

Revoring® Home consists of 12 elastic rings covered with solid cordura and equipped with comfortable rubber handles. Thanks to the multiple hooking possibilities, you can train every kinetic chain step by step, using different positions and controlling intensity and resistance.


Everything you need

You will receive Revoring® Home in its Revoring® Bag, together with Revoring® Belt, a professional carabiner and the Quick Start Manual, which allows you to set up your Revoring® workout in the best and safest way and with great results.


Infinite excercises

Revoring® can be anchored at different heights: Low (30 cm from the ground), Medium (130 cm from the ground), High (240 cm from the ground). Your will be able to perform a great number of exercises and vary the training intensity more easily than with machines or weights. You no longer need to spend money buying other fitness tools.


Always with you

Revoring® Home is light and easy to stock in its bag, you can bring it always with you for your indoor or outdoor training. You will be able to perform intense workouts without worries about space and comfort. Revoring® Home is a complete gym in your own hands.


Very easy to use

Revoring® Home is easy to use: wrap the belt around the chosen ring(s) and anchor Revoring® Home to a door or a table by using the carabiner. This elastic chain is incredibly intuitive: you just need to grab it to start experiencing its multiple usages and benefits.


Totally safe

Revoring® Home is totally safe. Thanks to its cordura coat and its chain structure, it eliminates the “whiplash effect” typical of elastic bands. This way you can always train at your best without the risk of dangerous injuries.

Revoring® Home Technical Features

  • Weight: Revoring Home (1kg). 
  • Coating: extra resistant cordura.
  • Structure: a chain structure made of 12 rings that allows multiple hooking, intensity control and different anchoring points to perform infinite exercises.
  • Anchoring mode:with the professional carabiner you can anchor Revoring® Home to any door or table.
  • Transport: put it in its Revoring® Bag and bring it with you everywhere, even on holiday.
  • Handles: the rubber parts are completely anatomic and anti-slipping, and they guarantee the perfect grip throughout your workouts.

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How does Revoring® work?


1 - Prepare

Wrap the strap around the rubber part of the chosen ring (as explained in the Quick Start Manual). Then hook the carabiner at the strap. Super easy!


2 - Anchor

Now you can anchor Revoring® at any steady structure, like a door or table, even at a table leg!


3 - Train

Have you prepared Revoring® Home and anchored it to a steady structure? Perfect! You are officially ready to start you Revoring® training. No more excuses: get your dream-body now!

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Delia Duran

Benefits of Revoring® Home Training


Revoring® Home’s elastic resistance increases the dynamic force that muscles apply, which is directly proportional to the increase in lengthening (auxotonic contraction). On the other hand, once the elastic band reaches its maximum length and due to the rapid resistance increase, it can generate an isometric maximal contraction.

Revoring® Home can be used to train both dynamic contractions (auxotonic) with various intensities and widths, and isometric contractions (submaximal and maximal).

That is why Revoring® Home training offers a lot f benefits:

  • No day-after-soreness (DOMS): the progressive reduction of the tension during the transitional eccentric-concentric phase, lowers muscle traumas (DOMS) that typically appear the day after workout.
  • No joint stress: thanks to the progressively increasing resistance and contraction of the periarticular muscles, the joint is stabilized and the stress of the passive structures (ligaments, capsules, etc.) is reduced.
  • Core activation: almost all Revoring® Home exercises need a continuous and long-lasting activation of the core, both with antagonist and stabilizing function.
  • Wide range of width: thanks to its 12 elastic rings it is possible to choose the elastic rings you need, and this gives you the opportunity to make movements of different widths, from a few centimeters to many meters.
  • Any intensity level: thanks to its 12 rings and 3 resistances, you can use any level of strength, from some hectograms to many kilograms, choosing the best resistance.

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What’s included?

  • Revoring® Home a 127€
  • Spedizione GRATIS
  • Moschettone di ancoraggio GRATIS
  • Quick Start Manual GRATIS
  • Bonus Aggancio per la porta
    19€ GRATIS
  • Bonus 4 video tutorial di allenamento Revoring GRATIS